Favorite Recipes

Ezekiel Bread Smoked Salmon Sandwich

My take on a bagel, cream cheese and lox. I prefer Ezekiel bread and adding some veggies like cucumber, dill and red onion. Make sure you buy quality smoked salmon.


Baked Salmon with Brussel Sprouts

I found that cooking salmon for a few minutes on the stove top creates a nice crust. Finish off cooking the salmon in the oven and serve with your favorite side dish. This is an easy weeknight meal and the salmon comes out perfect cooking it this way.


Meatballs and Zucchini

Meatballs and pasta sauce are one of my favorite things to cook for family and friends. These meatballs do not use bread crumbs, instead I use bob’s red mill flaxseed meal because it is gluten free. The sauce is simple and goes great with the meatballs and zucchini.


Chicken Nachos

This recipe was shared to me by my sister-in-law Emily and has been slightly modified. The combination of kalamata olives, feta, siracha sauce and avocado creates such good flavor compared to your typical nachos. I use sheep milk feta because it has more flavor then typical cow milk feta.

Chicken Nachos

Seared Ahi Tuna with Spring Mix Salad and Honey Lime Vinaigrette

The trick to this recipe is making sure you purchase the highest quality ahi tuna that you can find, usually found at Whole Foods. When cooking the ahi tuna, you are only searing each side for a minute on high heat so the inside stays rare. The honey and lime vinaigrette really balances the flavor with the ahi tuna.


Butternut Squash and Ground Beef Chili

A staple of fall cooking is this chili recipe which is loaded with vegetables and protein. Butternut squash adds so much flavor and richness to this dish. Adding balsamic vinegar to the serving bowls is another trick of  my sister-in-law Emily and adds some sweetness. This recipe holds up well in the fridge and could easily be doubled if you are cooking for a large number of people.